Cache a session

For offline viewing on your HoloLens, or for faster loading in a resumed call or viewed session, you can cache a session to your HoloLens.

  1. Select the session file you wish to cache.
    • Either by clicking the contact with whom you shared the video call, and selecting the session.
    • Or by selecting a custom session from your Starred Sessions menu.
  2. Select Cache.

3. The session items will then download to your device.

Cached sessions will appear green from the contact menu.

If you’ve cached the session and added to your Starred Sessions, you can view this when no internet is present (offline mode) from your HoloLens.

Note: you must still be logged in to the account from which you cached the session in order to view it when offline/disonnected. There’s no option to view any sessions on the HoloLens when you are not logged in.