Contact statuses

Understand what different contact statuses mean in RemoteSpark

Icon Description
Online icon 3 Online – the user is online and available to connect.
Offline icon2

Offline – the user does not have RemoteSpark open, or have the application open but have not gone online.

invitation 2

Contact request pending – the user has not accepted your contact request, or you have not accepted their contact request.

Busy icon 2 Busy – in a RemoteSpark video call, or waiting for a call to connect.
Immersive view icon In immersive view, disconnected (HoloLens only) – the user is not in a call, but is in holographic view (a call was disconnected or they are viewing a Gallery item or Session)
gallery or session status 2

On Gallery or Sessions page – the user is on the Gallery or Sessions page and cannot receive a call.

Pending org invite

Organization invitation – you have received an invitation to join an Organization. To accept the invitation, click on the icon.