Controlling Holograms from the HoloLens

Placing hologram

When starting a session with one or more holograms pre-loaded, or if the Expert has shared a hologram, it first appears in a Placement Box that’s locked to your gaze.

To place the hologram(s), gaze at the area you wish to place it, then air tap or say “Select”.

Bounding Box

The Bounding Box can be toggled by voice command or command bar and allows you to resize and rotate a hologram on its axes.

Moving holograms

Move hologram: use the tap and hold gesture, then move your hand in full view of the HoloLens’s cameras to move the hologram.

The Command Bar

For a list of command bar buttons, please see here.

Voice commands to control holograms

For a full list of voice commands, please see here.