Controlling Office and PDF documents from the HoloLens

Note: for video calls, all holograms can only be shared by the Expert (PC).

View session allows HoloLens users to view documents and assets from custom sessions or past video calls.

Placing a document

When an Expert has shared a document, it first appears with a file icon (based on the file type) that’s locked to your gaze.

To place the document, gaze at the area you wish to place it, then air tap or say “Select”.

The document will then appear in life size for use in the Session.

Moving and removing documents

Move document: use the tap and hold gesture, then move your hand in full view of the HoloLens to move the document.

Remove document: say “remove” or “delete hologram” when looking at the document or click twice on the trash-can icon on the command bar to delete it.

Rotate document: you can use the “face me” voice command or the the face button on the command bar to have the document turn and face you.

Scrolling through document pages:

To scroll through the pages, tap on the right half of the document (forward) or left half of the document (previous) or tap on the arrow buttons on the document’s command bar.

You can also use “next” and “previous” voice commands to scroll through the pages.

Resizing a document:

To resize a document, tap the half-size or double-size buttons on the document’s command bar.

You can also use the “smaller” or “larger” voice commands to toggle the resizing functions.