Create Account with Kognitiv Spark

Create an account for RemoteSpark with Kognitiv Spark.

We recommend creating all of your accounts from the PC and not from the HoloLens. All RemoteSpark accounts can be used on either device, and account validation is easier to do from the PC.

Note: with RemoteSpark version 1.9, Organization Administrators can also create accounts with the RemoteSpark Admin Tool.

Creating a RemoteSpark Account

  1. Launch RemoteSpark from your device.
  2. Select RemoteSpark Account.

3. From the Log In screen, select Create Account.

4. Enter your preferred username in the field provided.

5. Enter and re-enter your preferred password in the fields provided.

6. Enter a valid email address in the field provided.

7. Select Create Account.

“Account is activated” message will pop up.

  1. You will then receive a validation token via the email address you entered to verify that you’re the account owner.

  1. Return to RemoteSpark.
  2. Enter the token in the field provided, and then select Validate Account.