Creating User Accounts with the RemoteSpark Admin Tool

  1. Login to the Admin Tool.
    • Note: there is only one Administrator per Organization. This is set by Kognitiv Spark in the cloud version of RemoteSpark.
  2. Select your organization button in the upper right corner of the Admin Tool.
    • This button will have the name of your Organization (Kognitiv Spark demos in the example below)

3. Click Create.

4. Add a username, email, and password for the account.

  • Note: the user does not need a valid email for an account created with the Admin tool unless they wish to reset the password from within the RemoteSpark application.

5. Click Create Account.

The user account is now active, and the user is automatically added as a member of the Organization.

Note: users can still create RemoteSpark accounts or login with their Microsoft Account without use of the Admin Tool.