Custom session creation

RemoteSpark now allows users to create a session without doing a RemoteSpark video call. Users can create a session on their account on a PC and view the session from their HoloLens on the same account.

This allows field workers to technicians going to a site with no internet access to pre-load any content (documents, holograms) for viewing with RemoteSpark on HoloLens.

  1. Launch RemoteSpark on a PC.
  2. Go online.
  3. Click Sessions.

4. Click New.

5. Add a name for the session and click Ok.

6. Upload any documents or holograms you wish to use in the session.

7. Click Back.

If you login to RemoteSpark with the same account on HoloLens, you can view the session either online or offline (if cached to the HoloLens).