Why did RemoteSpark send me to the Settings page?

If you’ve been previously logged into RemoteSpark, but have been logged out and sent to the Settings page:

  • Please ensure that you are connected to the internet
    • You can verify your connection with Test Login Server that you are able to reach the RemoteSpark login server
  • Exit the Settings page and login when your connection is valid

Why is RemoteSpark crashing when it’s launched?

To check:

If it’s the PC version of RemoteSpark that’s crashing, make sure you have an active webcam and microphone.

  1. To check that your webcam is active, see this article from Microsoft. To check that your microphone is active, see this article from Microsoft.

After you’ve confirmed that your webcam and microphone are both active, make sure RemoteSpark has permission to access them by checking the privacy settings for both.

  1. Under Device Settings > Privacy > Camera (and Microphone) need to be set to ON for RemoteSpark.

Why can’t I sign in to RemoteSpark with my Microsoft account?

Please be sure to check:

  • You’ve entered the correct password.
  • If you’re using an Azure AD or Office 365 account, make sure your organization will allow you access to RemoteSpark as a third-party (client) application.
  • Make sure you’re not using an on-premise Active Directory account as this cannot be authenticated through the Microsoft Account login service.

Note: if you can’t sign-in to RemoteSpark using your Microsoft account, you can use verify the same Microsoft account with Kognitiv Spark by creating a RemoteSpark account. Please see the Create an Account article.

How do I upgrade the RemoteSpark license for my HoloLens?

Contact us:

Upgrade your RemoteSpark license from Trial to our Enterprise version by contacting our Sales team at Sales@KognitivSpark.com or by phoning 1-877-374-6818

Upgrade to RemoteSpark Enterprise

DeviceID and Device Name:

To upgrade your device when you contact our sales team, you’ll need to list the device name and 64-character DeviceID.

Note: You should only need to list the first and last 5-10 characters for our sales team to retrieve your unique DeviceID number.

You’ll see the Device Name and DeviceID the first time you launch the application on the trial splash screen (shown by the red arrow):

You can also find the Device Name and ID when you’ve passed this screen from the main log-in page (must be logged out) by clicking the settings icon:

Locate the Device Name and DeviceID here:

The app crashed and says to review crash logs, how do I do that?

If you’ve encountered an error or exception on RemoteSpark and the application has told you to review the crash logs, do the following:

  1. Draft an email to support@kognitivspark.com with the subject line: RemoteSpark Crash.
  2. In the body of the email, please include:
    1. The approximate time of the crash
    2. The device type
    3. The email accounts of the user(s) involved in the Session
    4. Any details of what happened leading up to the crash
  3. Send the email.
  4. Wait for a response from our support team.
  5. In the meantime, please relaunch RemoteSpark and select Go Online

How is RemoteSpark licensed?

RemoteSpark is licensed by HoloLens

This means that all features are enabled/disabled depending on what type of license (Trial, Enterprise) the HoloLens has.

RemoteSpark is NOT licensed by user

The license is 100% dependent on the license assigned to the HoloLens, not the user account that is using it.

Every PC is granted an Expert license

Every PC is granted an Expert license but when making a video-call, they’re limited to using features that are associated with the HoloLens’ license.

The HoloLens’ cursor has disappeared and I can’t see anything

If an Expert has shared a hologram with you in a RemoteSpark Session and it is in the process of downloading to the HoloLens, your cursor will disappear while the object is downloaded.

If there are no holograms being downloaded to the HoloLens and the cursor has disappeared for 30+ seconds (you can no longer see any images or holograms you had in the Session) you may need to close the application.

  • If the HoloLens is completely un-responsive and will not allow you to bloom out of the session after a minute or two, you may have to shut down the device using the power button on the HoloLens.

Can I record a RemoteSpark session?

Yes, you can. But not from embedded recording functionality within RemoteSpark.

To record from the PC:

You can use video screen-capture software to record the screen during video calls from the PC, including from within Microsoft PowerPoint.

To record from the HoloLens:

You can also take video using Mixed Reality Capture on the HoloLens, but this can not be done during video calls as the camera is already being used to send the video to the PC.

If you hangup from the PC, or do a View session or View a Gallery item on the HoloLens, you can record using Mixed Reality Capture. This article will guide you through using Mixed Reality Capture.

Why is my hologram taking so long to show up on the HoloLens?

Depending on network speeds and the size of the file, holograms can take several minutes to upload to the server from the PC, and then download to the HoloLens.

Once the hologram is uploaded, the file should download to the HoloLens. The HoloLens user will hear “Updating holographic scene. Please wait.” when the file is starting to download.


I’ve added a hologram to my Gallery but I’m not seeing the thumbnail

When you try to add a hologram to your gallery, the thumbnail of the hologram is not showing.

Please make sure you’ve added a file named thumbnail.jpg inside the hologram ZIP file, otherwise you’ll just see a generic hologram preview thumbnail. If after making this change the thumbnail is still not appearing, wait at least one minute, close, and then relaunch the app. If this does not resolve the issue, please delete the hologram from the Gallery and add it again later.


Why am I getting a camera/microphone permission error on my PC?

Please make sure your PC has a webcam and microphone.

If you have a webcam and mic and are still getting the following error when trying to establish a call in RemoteSpark, you’ll need to change your PC’s camera and microphone permissions on PC.

  1. Open your device’s Settings.
  2. Select Privacy.

3. Select Microphone (or Camera) from the sidebar.

4. Make sure Let Apps Use Microphone (Or Camera) is set to On.

5. Locate RemoteSpark from the list of apps.

6. Ensure it’s set to On.


Why won’t my hologram model file load?

If you’re having difficulties getting your hologram file to load into a RemoteSpark Session, please check the following:

  • The file you’re adding to the session is in the proper format.
  • The network speeds you’re using will allow the file to download. If it’s a large file and you’re using a network with limited bandwidth, it’s possible that the hologram is still downloading but very slowly

Please keep in mind the file must be securely uploaded to the server from the PC, and then securely retrieved by the HoloLens from the cloud. This can take a few minutes depending on file size, and available upload and download speeds.

How Do I End a RemoteSpark Session?

From the HoloLens:

  1. Say “Exit RemoteSpark” or “End Session”.
  2. When you hear “Are you sure?” respond with “yes”.

Alternatively, you can perform a bloom gesture in view of the HoloLens, and exit to the Mixed Reality Home by clicking on the home button.


From the PC:

  1. Click the red hang-up button.


How Do I Start a RemoteSpark Session?

RemoteSpark video call:

For the steps on how to initiate a 2-way video call between a Microsoft HoloLens and a Windows 10 PC with RemoteSpark, please see here.

View a past Session on HoloLens

RemoteSpark on the HoloLens allows a user to view all items from a previous video support session, without resuming the call and connecting with the contact involved in the original video call. For steps on viewing a past Session, please see here.