Use RemoteSpark to connect remote workers using a Microsoft HoloLens with offsite experts using a Windows 10 PC. Through secure, live voice and video, experts can see what the remote HoloLens user sees and can drag and drop glTF, PDF, or Microsoft office files from the PC to the HoloLens. 

What You’ll need

  1. A Windows 10 PC  
  • Must have an active webcam and microphone
  • Windows 10 version 1709 (Build 16299) or higher is required 

2. A Microsoft HoloLens 

  • HoloLens 1 or HoloLens 2

Installing RemoteSpark

To install RemoteSpark, open the Microsoft Store on your device and search for RemoteSpark Client.

Click ‘Get’ or ‘Install’ to install the application on your PC or HoloLens.

If you cannot install applications using the Microsoft Store, please see here for information on installing RemoteSpark with a sideload package. 

Create an account or login to RemoteSpark with your Microsoft Account

Login to RemoteSpark on the HoloLens and the PC. You can use any RemoteSpark account on any device, but you can only be signed in to one device at a time with an account. 

To login to RemoteSpark you can do one of the following: 

Connecting user accounts (invitations)

Once you have signed in to RemoteSpark on the HoloLens and PC (with two different user accounts) you’ll need to connect the two accounts to begin making video calls. 

  • To add/invite another user, launch RemoteSpark and click ‘Go Online’ from your device. 
  • Tap the ‘Invite’ button from the top right corner of the screen. Type in the user’s email and click ‘Send’. 
  • Once the invitation is sent, both users will see a yellow pending-invitation icon
  • The user who received the invitation will have to click/tap on the yellow pending-invitation icon to accept the request. 

Initiating a video call

To begin a video call (also called a RemoteSpark Session) the HoloLens and PC users will both need to be online. 

  • From the HoloLens, click on the PC user you wish to call (their user icon will be shown as green if they’re online).  
  • You can also use the Quick Call button to initiate a call with Recommended Settings. 
  • Select ‘Video Call’ and choose your call settings. 
  • Once the PC user answers the call, the call will begin to initiate. 

Adding holograms, documents and photos in the Session

Once the call is connected, the live audio will stream between the PC and HoloLens, and the video feed from the HoloLens is shown on the PC. 

From the PC, the user can share holograms (in glTF 2.0 or .kspark file format) and documents (PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel) to the HoloLens, along with taking photos from the video feed of the HoloLens. 

Ending a RemoteSpark Session

To end a RemoteSpark session on the HoloLens, use the “Exit RemoteSpark” voice command (followed by “yes” when prompted”) or Bloom to exit to Mixed Reality Home. The PC user can hangup the call, or will be disconnected when the HoloLens user exits the session. 

Note: even if the PC user has hung up, the HoloLens remains in the session and can continue to view and interact with all of the 3D assets (holograms, documents, photos) until they decide to exit. 

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