How do I enable Moving Platform Mode?

In Windows Holographic, version 21H2 Microsoft added beta support for tracking on low-dynamic motion moving platforms on HoloLens 2. After installing the build and enabling Moving Platform Mode, you'll be able to use your HoloLens 2 in previously inaccessible environments like large ships and large marine vessels. Currently, the feature is targeted at enabling these specific moving platforms only. While nothing prevents you from attempting to use the feature in other environments, the feature is focused on adding support for these environments first.

Moving platform example.

Enabling Moving Platform Mode

To enable Moving Platform mode, first enable Device Portal.

  1. Select the System accordion on the Left-hand menu

    First image.

  2. Select the Moving Platform Mode page and check the Moving Platform Mode checkbox

    Second image.

  3. When prompted with a warning, select OK

    Third image.

  4. Reboot your device, which can be done either via the Device Portal Power menu at the top right or by issuing the following voice command "Reboot the device" and select "Yes".

    Fourth image.