How do I enter a no bandwidth session?

This method is useful when entering into a scenario where you're not dependent on live communication with a remote expert/OEM. You'll be able to store assets from a prior session and use them to complete the task at hand in a no bandwidth environment.

Step 1

To enter into a no bandwidth session and access your assets the first thing you'll need to do is cache your desired session to your device prior to entering your no bandwidth scenario. You can do that using this method. It's imperative that you do this step first. It can be done at any time prior to entering your no bandwidth scenario.

Step 2

While you have connectivity, log into RemoteSpark. Note: connectivity is a necessity when logging into RemoteSpark.

Step 3

With RemoteSpark still running, enter your no bandwidth scenario. Once ready, load your cached session. You'll then be prompted to place any assets that need to be loaded. You'll be able to complete your task from there.


  • Prior to creating your cached session, ensure that you have everything necessary to complete your task. Ensure that all assets are added to the session and that you have the pertinent information necessary.
  • Do a test of these methods prior to entering your no bandwidth scenario. You can do this by following the steps above and then simulating a loss of connectivity by turning off the wifi on your HoloLens.