Start a video call

In RemoteSpark, you can make video calls between the Microsoft HoloLens and a Windows 10 PC.

To initiate a call with default settings you can use the Quick Call button. For more advanced options, including low-bandwidth or higher bandwidth audio/video streaming options – use the select your call settings instructions.

Note: all video calls in RemoteSpark begin from the HoloLens.

Initiating a Quick Call.

The Quick Call button allows you to initiate a call from the HoloLens with one click.

The call with initiate with Recommend Settings (1 mpbs audio/video connection).

  1. Go online on the HoloLens.
  2. Select the Quick Call button on an online contact.

3. Have your contact answer the call.

Select your call settings

You can select your call settings (including a low bandwidth mode, or a high bandwidth mode) by selecting the video call option from the contact’s page.

  1. Go online on the HoloLens.
  2. Select the PC user (who must also be online) that you wish you wish to call.
  3. Select Video Call.

4. Select the connection type (audio/video streaming resolution):

  • Recommended Settings: 1 mbps audio/video connection mode.
  • Fast Network Settings: 2.5 mpbs audio/video connection mode.
  • Advanced Connection Modes: select from different connection speeds + video compression formats (VP8 + H264). 

** If you’re in an area with limited connectivity, select the 256 kbps VP8 or 128 kbps VP8 modes.

5. Have your contact answer the call.

For a video demo on how to start a video call, see here.