Microsoft login, error AADSTS9000411 when using RemoteSpark 1.9.90-1.9.92

We recently uncovered an issue pertaining to logging into RemoteSpark via the Microsoft authentication method that relates to Microsoft accounts using Azure Active Directory and Office365. In short, users were receiving an error message, AADSTS9000411, when trying to log in. Consumer MSA accounts (,, et al.) and RemoteSpark accounts were still functioning. Any client that had previously/currently authenticated with AAD/O365 was unaffected.

The team quickly pinpointed the issue and published an update to the Microsoft Store.

If you're using RemoteSpark 1.9.90-1.9.92 and receive an AADSTS9000411 error message when logging in, please visit the Microsoft Store and download the latest version of RemoteSpark. This will resolve the issue.


Note: if you are using the sideload method, please contact KognitivSpark to receive the latest version of the software for installation.