Network test

The RemoteSpark Network Test Tool is a diagnostic that allows users to test if their environment is properly configured to operate RemoteSpark

  1. Login to RemoteSpark.
  2. Go Online.
  3. Double-click on the green globe icon.
    • This is beside the WiFi status in the bottom left corner of the RemoteSpark window.

globe icon 2

4. Click Run Tests.

Run Tests

5. If the tests are successful, your device and network are configured properly to allow a call to initialize.

If any of the network tests fail, you’ll need to consult with your IT department about network configuration.

  • To help explain any issues, you may want to share a screenshot of the issue that the tool has flagged
  • If the video and audio permissions fail, see here for instructions.

    Note: If you cannot login to RemoteSpark and go online, please test your connection with the Test Login Server function from the Settings page.