Network Test Tool

When logged in to RemoteSpark, the Network Test Tool allows a user to run a diagnostic to ensure their device’s audio and video permissions are turned on, and that they can reach the audio/video and file storage functions of RemoteSpark.

To run the Network Test Tool:

  1. Login to RemoteSpark.
  2. Go Online.
  3. Double-click on the green globe icon.
    • This is beside the WiFi status in the bottom left corner of the RemoteSpark window.

4. Click Run Tests.

5. If the tests are successful, your device and network are configured properly to allow a call to initialize.

  • If any of the network tests fail, you’ll need to consult with your IT department about network configuration.

6. To help explain the issue, you may wish to screenshot and share with our support team where the test has failed.

7. If the video and audio permissions fail, see here for instructions.

Note: If you cannot login to RemoteSpark and go online, please test your connection with the Test Login Server function from the Settings page.