Organization Gallery

As an organization member, you can view all the items (3D holograms or documents) in your Organization Gallery by selecting Gallery, then selecting your Organization from the Gallery drop-down list when you’re online from the RemoteSpark Home menu.

Only the Administrator can add items to the Organization Gallery with the RemoteSpark Admin Tool, but all members of the Organization can view them and share them in RemoteSpark video calls with other members of the Organization.

See your Organization’s Gallery by selecting it from the dropdown list on the Gallery page.

To add an item from the Organization Gallery in a video call, the Expert can upload an item by selecting Files > Gallery > (Organization Name) Gallery.

              Note: you can only share Organization Gallery items in a video call to other members of your Organization. These cannot be shared with users who are not in the same Organization.

From the HoloLens, you can view these items by selecting “View” in the Organization Gallery, the same as viewing a normal Gallery item.