Remote Ink

In a video call, Remote Ink allows the PC user to add holographic ink from their screen to the HoloLens for help pointing out or adding instructions to the real world.

  1. Click and draw (using touch, stylus, or mouse click) in the live video portal where you wish to add instructions or highlight something.
  2. The live video feed will pause while you draw.
  3. Remote Ink will fade out of view after 30 seconds.



Remote Ink works best on flat, opaque surfaces that are no more than 20 metres in front of you.

Make sure the HoloLens has had time to map its surroundings for best results. If the area is well mapped and recognized by the HoloLens, the user’s Gaze (cursor) will follow along the surface of the object they’re looking at and will adjust to the depth of each different angle.