RemoteSpark Admin Tool

Admin Tool (beta)

The RemoteSpark Admin Tool is a separate application from RemoteSpark that allows Organizations to create and manage user accounts for their team more easily and create a common shared Organization Gallery. Users can only be a part of a single Organization.

The RemoteSpark Admin Tool beta version is only available by sideload package and not via the Microsoft Store currently. Please contact for further information.

Note: each Organization can have a single Administrator and for the cloud version of RemoteSpark, this Administrator’s account must first be created in RemoteSpark before they’ll be able to log in to the Admin Tool. The Administrator is set by Kognitiv Spark in the license portal for the cloud version.

For any users of the on-premise version of RemoteSpark, the Admin Tool is the only way to create and manage user accounts.

Other notes on the RemoteSpark Admin Tool

  • Users of the Admin Tool are automatically logged out when the application is closed.
  • Users can only be logged into the Admin Tool or RemoteSpark at one time, but not both. You will be logged out of the other application if you try to login to both at the same time.