RemoteSpark version 1.9.51

What's new in version 1.9.51 of RemoteSpark

New Features

  1. Screen-sharing
    1. RemoteSpark video calls now support screen-sharing from an Expert user’s PC to the HoloLens user.
  2. JPG/JPEG sharing
    1. In addition to photo-capture in RemoteSpark video calls, users can now drag-and-drop or upload JPG/JPEG photos from Expert to the HoloLens.
  3. Enterprise license PIN
    1. To simplify the process of upgrading your HoloLens license from Trial to Enterprise, RemoteSpark now supports PIN inputs that are generated by Kognitiv Spark’s onboarding team and inputted by the user on the HoloLens.
  4. Scaling of photos
    1. Photos in RemoteSpark sessions can now be scaled (by 2x or 0.5x).
  5. Drag-and-drop added to Gallery uploading.
    1. To add objects to a user’s Personal Gallery or an Organization Gallery, users can now drag and drop files from the Gallery screen to upload them.
  6. AI object recognition (preview)
    1. AI object recognition has been re-factored in RemoteSpark. Using the RemoteSpark Admin Tool, administrators can train AI models that can be tied to documents and 3D models in their Organization Gallery for use in live video calls or RemoteSpark Sessions.
  7. Admin Tool updates
    1. An updated version of RemoteSpark’s Admin Tool that supports AI object recognition integration.
  8. Web application (preview)
    1. A preview version of RemoteSpark that runs the Expert side of the connection in most web browsers (mobile and PC).
  9. Instant Assist (preview)
    1. Allows HoloLens users to send an email invitation to anyone and start a RemoteSpark call instantly. The email link launches the web version but does not need the Expert users to login for the call.

Bugs fixes

  1. 60+ bug fixes and stability improvements

Other Updates

  1. Elimination of webcam requirement for RemoteSpark on PC
    1. RemoteSpark’s audio/video protocols have been enhanced, eliminating the need to have a webcam on PC to make RemoteSpark video calls.
  2. Updated Standard Gallery
    1. The Standard Gallery has been updated with new animated 3D models and now includes a test PDF.
  3. Enhancements to SparkPlug 3D Rendering Engine
    1. Various enhancements including the elimination of the ‘sparkle’ feature during RemoteSpark video calls and addition of normal maps on HL2.
  4. Added datacentre support in South America.
    1. All Azure datacentres where RemoteSpark servers are hosted also now fall under regions (North America, South America, Europe).
  5. Firewall changes are required for any users who use URL based firewall rules. The new data-centre URLs can be found in our network firewall rules article.
    1. Note: no changes have been made to the ports required for RemoteSpark.

Known issues

Caution: There are two known issues at this time specific to this build. Both these issues are being addressed and we will deploy a fix as soon as internal testing is completed.

  1. Deleting a screen share from the HoloLens may cause a crash

  2. Starting calls from the call settings menu may cause the call to fail