RemoteSpark version 1.9.9

What's new in version 1.9.9 of RemoteSpark

New Features

  1. HoloLens 2 support:
    • Version 1.9.9 is the first version of RemoteSpark on the Microsoft Store that supports HoloLens 2.
    • Previous versions on HoloLens 2 were sideload only.
  2. Offline view mode:
    • HoloLens users can now view cached sessions when no internet is present.
  3. Document support for Galleries.
    • Personal and Organization Galleries can now support document formats (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls., .xlsx., .ppt., .pptx) in addition to holograms.
  4. Incremental loading of holograms.
    • When downloading a hologram, models are now loaded progressively instead of freezing the scene on the HoloLens (all objects are hidden from view until the entire object is loaded), allowing the user to continue to interact with the objects in their environment for longer as the hologram loads.
  5. Custom session creation.
    • RemoteSpark now allows users to create a session without doing a RemoteSpark video call. Users can create a session on their account on a PC and view the session from their HoloLens on the same account.
      • If they are to cache the session on their HoloLens, this allows field workers or technicians going to a site with no internet access to pre-load any content (documents, holograms) for viewing with RemoteSpark on HoloLens.

Bug fixes

  1. Fix for issue that caused users to be logged out of RemoteSpark when attempting to go online with no connectivity.
    • In version 1.9.1, if launching RemoteSpark with no internet (or before the device connected to the internet) would log the user out and send them to the Server page. This update will allow users to stay logged in and reconnect to the internet before trying to go online again.
  2. Fix for document and hologram thumbnails remaining in the Expert’s session view when they had been deleted by the HoloLens user.
    • In previous versions of RemoteSpark, thumbnails for documents and holograms remained in the Session Item tray for the Expert after they were deleted by the HoloLens user. Thumbnails are now deleted when removed by the HoloLens user.

Other changes

  1. Reduction in the amount of echo that could be heard on HoloLens during RemoteSpark video calls.
    • HoloLens users have reported hearing an echo of their own voice in RemoteSpark calls. This update should reduce the amount of echo heard.
  2. When on the Gallery or Sessions pages, users are now shown as ‘busy.
    • When a user has the Gallery open (from home screen, not in RemoteSpark call), they are shown as busy to other users. Receiving or sending calls from Gallery page has not been supported in past, so this ensures that HoloLens users know the Expert is unavailable to receive a call when they are on the Gallery page.