RemoteSpark version 1.9.93

What's new in version 1.9.93 of RemoteSpark


RemoteSpark 1.9.96 is now available. You can find out more about it here.

New Features

  1. Dark Zone Resiliency Protocol (DZRP)
    DZRP is a reimaging of a traditional auto-reconnect function designed specifically for use in industrial and remote environments with spotty and poor connectivity or with connectivity dead zones. More information.
  2. The holographic network status indicator
    We’ve added a network status indicator that appears on the worker’s palm. This indicator shows the name of the wifi network, signal strength, and if the call is connected.
  3. Improved photo clarity
    Images captured through RemoteSpark are now significantly higher quality, helping ensure that workers better understand an expert’s instructions by delivering even greater detail.
  4. Pop-up confirmation for voice commands
    Now, when RemoteSpark users interact with the system via voice command, a small visual confirmation indication will briefly appear and quickly move out of view to confirm to the worker that the voice command was received.

    A worker uses remotespark and looks at their hand to see their network status and quality

Bugs fixes

  1. Various stability fixes