RemoteSpark Web Client (Insider Preview)

How to use the RemoteSpark web client


RemoteSpark's web client is currently in development preview and does not have the full functionality found in RemoteSpark's desktop application. For an optimal experience please consider using the desktop application.

Overview of RemoteSpark web client

RemoteSpark’s web client allows users to run the expert end of RemoteSpark through their device’s web browser.

Browser support

For the best possible experience with the RemoteSpark Web Client, it is recommended that you use the latest possible version of any of the following browsers:

  • Android: Chrome
  • iOS: Chrome or Safari
  • MacOS: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge

The majority of key features are available on those browsers. Please note that Photo Inking does not currently work on mobile devices given the nature of how mobile devices scroll pages.

Regional limitations

Currently, RemoteSpark web client is not supported in the following regions:

  • China
  • Russia
  • Iran

Using the RemoteSpark Web Client

The URL to launch the web client (preview) is:

The web client does require our Network and Firewall Rules to be in place on the expert's network.

From the web client interface, most features are usable except for the following:

Note: Web Client is currently in 'Insider Preview' which means it's an internal build of the product and not a full release.

Gaining Access to Users Created by an Instant Assist Call

Gaining access to a user that is created by an Instant Assist call is as simple as following these steps.