Select Server in RemoteSpark

RemoteSpark allows the user to select their preferred server from the pre-defined list of cloud (Microsoft Azure) servers, or for on-premise users to define their local server.

How to find Select Server in RemoteSpark

To access the server settings:

  1. Launch RemoteSpark.
  2. From the login page, click the Settings button (gear icon).

3. You’ll be taken to the Settings page which includes Select Server.

4. Select your server preference from the dropdown list.

  • Note: the list of default servers can be found below.
  • For on-premise users, custom server configuration steps can be found here.

Default Servers

List of default servers configured for RemoteSpark:

  • RemoteSpark Cloud: default setting which uses Azure Traffic Manager to route your connection through the fastest available Azure Data Centre where the RemoteSpark Server services are available
  • UK West: UK West Azure Data Centre
  • Canada Central: Canada Central Azure Data Centre
  • US Central: US Central Azure Data Centre
  • Local Server: the default setting for on-premise users of RemoteSpark. Can be changed and reset depending on the on-premise environment’s network configuration.