Session Files

Once complete, all video calls are logged in a session file that stores all session items (images & holograms) along with any Office documents or PDFs in the RemoteSpark cloud.

These are shared files that can be viewed by either you or the contact you completed a holographic video call with and can be added to Sessions for easy access later on.

To look through your past sessions:

  1. Click on the contact who you made the video call with.

2. Click on the session you wish to see the images and hologram files from.

3. You can should now see the holograms and images, along with any Office documents and actions performed in the session.

If you wish to save the images and/or holograms for archiving or other purposes, select Save All.

If you want to resume the video call with the same contact and same images and holograms, click Resume (can only be done from HoloLens and if the contact is online).

If you want to view the holograms and images on the HoloLens, follow these steps.