Audio Troubleshooting

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How does RemoteSpark select the microphone and audio output on my device?

  • RemoteSpark selects your device’s default sound input (microphone), and default sound output (speakers, headphones) when a RemoteSpark video call starts

How can I change which microphone my device selects?

  • If you wish to change the microphone RemoteSpark is using, change the default sound input (microphone) through your device’s Settings (found under Settings > System > Sound)
    • Because the microphone is selected when a RemoteSpark call starts, if you wish to change the microphone you will need to end the current call, and begin a new one to use a different microphone

Tip: For further information on microphone troubleshooting with Windows 10 devices, see here:

Why am I not hearing sound through my device?

-PC audio output considerations:

  • Do you have an external monitor, headphones, external speakers, or a conferencing system connected to your PC?
    • Is the sound being output through this external device? (Check under your PC’s Settings > System > Sound)

  • If you open your device’s Volume Mixer, is RemoteSpark Client shown in the list of apps shown for volume output? 

Tip: if you have changed the input and still cannot hear the other user, try ending the current RemoteSpark session and try a new call with all external devices (external speakers, headphones, monitors, conferencing systems, etc.) disconnected from your device.

-HoloLens audio output considerations:

  • When you toggle the volume up on the HoloLens with the volume buttons on the device (HoloLens 1 or HoloLens 2), can you hear the audio feedback? (you should hear a subtle ‘click’ sound as you turn the volume up)
    • If you open another application that has sound (example: Tips on HoloLens 2, or Gestures on HoloLens 1) can you hear sound?

    • If no sound is coming through your device with either of these checks, restart the HoloLens
  • Is the PC user you’re connected to using a device that does not have an active microphone?

  • If you are using a Trimble XR10: do you have an external sound source setup? (There is no speaker built-in to the Trimble XR10)

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