Test Login Server

Test Login Server

The Test Login Server function allows the user to check if they can properly connect to the Monitor API of the RemoteSpark Server, which will test if the login service is active and reachable.

To test the login server:

  1. Launch RemoteSpark.
  2. From the login page, click the Settings button (gear icon).

3. Click Test Login Server.

4. Select Yes when prompted to proceed with the test.

5. If the test is successful, your device and network are configured properly to login to RemoteSpark. Proceed to login to RemoteSpark.

Note: login success does not guarantee video call connectivity. See Network Test Tool after you’re logged in to test your device’s audio/video permissions, and connection 

If the test is not successful, check your network connection and ensure your server settings haven’t been improperly changed. If problem persists, contact your IT administrator.