The command bar

The command bar allows HoloLens users in Immersive View (in a live video call or viewing a Gallery item or past session) to perform a variety of interactive commands with holograms, documents or images.

When the HoloLens user has their finger in the ready position the command bar will snap to the object (hologram, document, image), that they are gazing at.

The command bar snapping from one object to another when the user is gazing at an object and has their hand in the “ready position”

Note: if you have multiple objects arranged close to each other, the bar may snap between them in rapid succession if your hand remains in the ready position as you gaze between them.

Command bar buttons for all objects:


Show/hide buttons:

Command bar buttons for holograms:

Toggle bounding box:

Command bar buttons for photos:

Collect images:

Command bar buttons for documents:

Next page:

Previous page:

Command bar buttons for documents and photos:

Face me:

Command bar buttons for holograms and documents:

Resize (x 0.5):

Resize (x 2):

Command bar buttons for animated holograms:



Play All (for Multi-Track animated holograms);