How RemoteSpark is licensed:

RemoteSpark enables live holographic video support calls between a Microsoft HoloLens and a Windows 10 PC. Licensing is done by HoloLens device only, meaning the features listed below are enabled/disabled within the video call depending on what features the HoloLens user is licensed to use.

PC users can connect with any HoloLens user, regardless of the license type associated with that device.


 RemoteSpark EnterpriseRemoteSpark Trial
Usage timeUnlimited4 minute video call maximum
HologramsCustom hologram uploadStandard hologram Gallery only
Image captureYesYes
Office doc and PDF sharingYesNo
Save sessionYesNo
Resume sessionsYesNo
Live holograms (IoT) YesNo
License renewalAnnualEvery 7 days

Contact us:

Upgrade your RemoteSpark license from Trial to our Enterprise version by contacting our Sales team at or by phoning 1-877-374-6818

Upgrade to RemoteSpark Enterprise

DeviceID and Device Name:

To upgrade your device when you contact our sales team, you’ll need to list the device name and the DeviceID.

Note: You should only need to list the first and last 5-10 characters for our sales team to retrieve your unique DeviceID number.

You’ll see the Device Name and DeviceID the first time you launch the application on the trial splash screen (shown by the red arrow):

You can also find the Device Name and ID when you’ve passed this screen from the main log-in page (must be logged out) by clicking the settings icon:

Locate the Device Name and DeviceID here: