Upgrading your HoloLens license

How to upgrade a HoloLens License to the Enterprise version

Note: You must have a prior agreement with Kognitiv Spark to acquire an Enterprise License for RemoteSpark. Please contact our sales team for information on purchasing an Enterprise License.

If you have received a license PIN from Kognitiv Spark, upon launching RemoteSpark for the first time on your HoloLens (and until you bypass the initial splash screen) you will see a PIN input area at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Launch RemoteSpark on your HoloLens.
  2. From the initial screen, input the PIN given to you by Kognitiv Spark into the License PIN
  3. Select Send Code.


You’ll then be taken to the login screen and can use all the features of your RemoteSpark Enterprise license.

Note: the same PIN can be used for every HoloLens in your organization’s allotment of Enterprise licenses.

Note: Each PIN expires 2 weeks after it was generated. If you PIN expires, please contact Kognitiv Spark support to generate a new one.

Option 2 - License Upgrade from the Settings page

If you pass through the trial screen, you can view your Device ID from the Settings Page (prior to logging in)

  1. Select Settings.Login screen 1951
  2. Copy the first 5 characters of the Device IDDevice ID
    1. OR the full Device Name
  3. Email the Device ID characters or Device Name to our support team.

For a full overview of RemoteSpark's features, please visit our website.