View Session on HoloLens

RemoteSpark on the HoloLens allows a user to view all objects from a custom session or a previous RemoteSpark video call, without resuming the call and connecting with the contact involved in the original video call.

Note: you still need to have internet connection to view the session unless it has been cached.

  1. Add the past RemoteSpark video call session to Starred Sessions.
    • Or create a custom session with RemoteSpark on your PC, and log in with the same account on your HoloLens.
  2. Click Sessions.

  1. Select the session.

  1. Select View.

  1. The session will start by loading the items.
  2. You can now interact with all the 3D objects (holograms, photos, documents) as you would in a RemoteSpark video call session.