What is Dark Zone Resiliency Protocol (DZRP)?

New to RemoteSpark in version 1.9.90, the Dark Zone Resiliency Protocol (DZRP) is a reimaging of a traditional auto-reconnect function designed specifically for use in industrial and remote environments with spotty and poor connectivity or with connectivity dead zones.

Think of DZRP as Auto-Reconnect 4.0. We didn’t want to implement a traditional auto-reconnect function, so we looked into the exact conditions that led to dropped RemoteSpark calls.

We found that when customers are using RemoteSpark, they need to jump from network to network during one call. Additionally, many industrial settings have dark zones in which WiFi signal doesn’t reach due to obstructing equipment, barriers, or range issues.

And so, we designed an auto-reconnection protocol that matched the needs of the industrial worker.

With RemoteSpark’s new auto-reconnect functionality, a dropped call will try to reconnect infinitely. 

For example, a RemoteSpark user on the HoloLens could go behind a piece of equipment which suspends the call due to lack of signal. The software on the expert’s computer and worker’s HoloLens will wait for the two sides to gain connectivity and re-establish the call. This can happen over and over again as they go in and out of range or jump from network to network.