What’s new: RemoteSpark

New in this release

Enterprise, Pro, Trial modes

There are now three license types for RemoteSpark on the HoloLens. Since RemoteSpark is licensed per device and not by account or user email, features are made available in sessions depending on the license that the HoloLens has.

Every PC or Surface Hub automatically receives an Expert license.

See the Upgrade page for more information.

Office doc sharing

Users can now share Office documents and PDFs in live video calls, to be viewed by the HoloLens user. These documents can provide additional 2D visual reference material for the HoloLens user to access information hands-free while they work.


  • Only the first eight (8) pages are converted to be viewed in the session.
  • Documents cannot be edited in the call.
  • Interactive content like videos cannot be clicked on by the HoloLens user.
  • Once a document is placed by the HoloLens user, it cannot be rotated. It also cannot be resized.
  • This feature is only enabled in Enteprise (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF) and Pro (Word, PDF) modes.

Remote Ink improvements

Remote Ink now appears more rounded and less jagged, and uses the HoloLens’ improved mapping functionality.

Flashlight feature for 3D objects

The HoloLens user will now notice a flashlight that follows their gaze when looking at a hologram, photo and Office doc. This allows for more detailed inspection of 3D objects on the point they’re looking at.

Live hologram support

RemoteSpark can now support IoT enabled holograms, for visualization of live sensor on 3D models of those sensors.

These holograms must be created by Kognitiv Spark for the time being, with a future release of an additional application that will allow users to create live holograms.