RemoteSpark Voice Commands (1.9.X)

Modified on Mon, 11 Mar 2024 at 09:39 AM

Note: starred object* means the user must be gazing at the object to perform the command.

Face Me

All photos and documents tilt to face the user

Take Photo

Captures a photo

Collect Images

Collect Photos

Gather Images

Gather Photos

All photos are arranged in front of the user



The object’s size is doubled or halved



Navigates through the document in focus


Delete Hologram*

Permanently deletes the object out of the session



Turns on the bounding box on the focused hologram


Toggles the bounding box OFF on a hologram

Rotate All

Move All

Selects all 3D models in the session so they can be rotated or moved together

Play Animation*

Reset Animation*

Play or reset an animation on a 3D model / play the next or previous step on a multi-step animated 3D model

Toggle Play All*

Toggle the play all function on a Multi-Step animated 3D model

End Session

Exit RemoteSpark

Followed by ‘yes’ when prompted ends the session and exits RemoteSpark

Hang Up

Followed by ‘yes’ when prompted disconnects from the SME but the HoloLens remains in the call

Hide Cursor

Show Cursor

Shows or hides the cursor from field of view


Toggles the call status display to see the health of the call; shows battery life and wifi strength

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