RemoteSpark 2.0.33

Modified on Thu, 22 Jun 2023 at 08:53 AM

RemoteSpark 2.0.33 is now available and will boast a leap forward in better performance at low bandwidth, a first of its kind mixed reality PDF viewer, and various other performance enhancements.


There have been significant internal changes to the way in which calls are made. As such, RemoteSpark 2.0.33 users will not be able to make successful calls to 2.0.19 users and vice versa. It is imperative that all users update their software to 2.0.33.

RemoteSpark will get an automatic update from the Microsoft Store, but in the event that it does not, please use the links below to update your software.

Update RemoteSpark for PC

Update RemoteSpark for HoloLens

Mixed Reality PDF Viewer

RemoteSpark 2.0.33 features the world's first true Mixed Reality PDF viewer! Users can now load PDFs of any length to be viewed on the HoloLens. Using the intuitive scroll bar, users can navigate quickly and accurately to any page in the document.

As a bonus feature, HoloLens users have the ability to 'rip' individual pages from a PDF for use as standalone assets in their holographic space. Users can rip out the pages that they need and do away with the rest or use the feature to display multiple pages at once!

More about the Mixed Reality PDF Viewer


RemoteSpark 2.0.33 features the ability for users to apply custom labels to Holographic Pins to aid in easily identifying assets from a distance.

More about Labels

Mini Map

RemoteSpark 2.0.33 brings with it an update to the Mini Map. Asset types are now uniquely identified by colour on the map to help the user identify important assets by type, whether 3D Mentoring Model, PDF, Contact, or Image.

More about the Mini Map

Reduced Network Chatter

With RemoteSpark 2.0.33 users will see a significant reduction in network chatter while in a call or using RemoteSpark for HoloLens solo. This reduction in network chatter brings with it an increase in call stability and a reduction in transmitted data.

Memory Management

RemoteSpark 2.0.33 features enhancements to RemoteSpark's memory management, thus increasing the overall performence of the software.

Change to Ray Cast

The Ray Cast has changed in 2.0.33 and now has more accuracy and improved movement of assets.

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