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Modified on Tue, 08 Nov 2022 at 03:18 PM

This feature is available to the HoloLens user.

The RemoteSpark Palm Panel is where users can find their contacts, access their libraries, and RemoteSpark settings.


On the Home screen users will find any assets that they have previously Favourited.


On the Contacts screen users will find any users that they have previously connected to or any pending invitations. On the HoloLens, to invite new users, please visit the Settings screen of RemoteSpark.


The Library allows users to access assets from the following libraries:

  • Personal
  • Organization
  • Common
  • Users


Within the Personal library users can find My Photos as well as any assets previously loaded into their Personal library on the PC. Users can create subfolders on the PC to further organize their assets.


Within the Organization library users can find any assets shared by their organization. This library is managed in the web dashboard by the organization administrator.


Within the Common library users can find training assets provided by Kognitiv Spark.


Within the Users library users can find folders of assets that have been previously shared by other users. These folders are organized by the other user's name.


On the Settings screen users can find information about their device and their own account, they can also find their Device ID and Instance ID (both useful for troubleshooting should the need arise to contact Kognitiv Spark), the ability to close the application, the ability to log out of the application, the Mini Map toggle, and the ability to enable effects when loading holograms.

Related Voice Commands

Show Panel

Opens the Palm Panel for easy access to contacts, library, and settings.

Hide Panel

Hides the Palm Panel.

Open Library

Opens the Palm Panel and automatically navigates to the Library screen.

Open Contacts

Opens the Palm Panel and automatically navigates to the Contacts screen.

Open Settings

Opens the Palm Panel and automatically navigates to the Settings screen.

Go Back

If the Palm Panel is open, the command navigates to the previously opened screen on the Palm Panel. If no previously opened screen, it navigates to Home.

Go Home

If the Palm Panel is open, the command navigates to the Home screen of the Palm Panel.

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